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The production.

Bags for sport and free time

In Italy

The Italian production is located in Baranzate, Milan. Here you can find:


Sample room. Starting by the costumer’s project or design we develop the first prototype and the final sample piece according his inputs (OEM projects).


Here we develop also many styles that we can submit to the customers they have not internal designers (ODM projects).


  • Purchasing department for materials and accessories   


  • Cutting and preparation for all the accessories for the production


  • Packaging and logistic department


  • Management and sales 


The sewing session is done by external small factories daily controlled and assisted by our professional staff.


With Made in Italy production we are able to process small MOQ and short production times.


This is very important for the salesmen- sample productions or urgent orders.


We developed a collection, which is based on general consumer requirements (team sports, advertising, free time) and which can be produced, with or without logo, in small quantities in different colors and materials.

In China

In China, we have joint ventures with specialized Chinese factories.


Different products with different setups and materials require different manufacturers.


For each product, we have selected the factories with appropriate specialization.


The Prototype is made in Italy and only after all the details have been defined, the project will be passed with all technical production specifications to one of our factories in China.


The Pronto Sport sells the products Made in China from Italy. We can deliver the goods FOB China (the customer cares about import and customs) or directly to the customer's warehouse. In this case, we care about import and customs.  


All steps of the production are managed by our office in Baranzate (Milan). Our Chinese staff will do quality controls during production and before shipment.

The Production process

Development of patterns for cutting and accessories according

to the request of the costumer. Preparation of the production sheet.

Cutting and preparation of the materials for the production according to the production sheet, which is based on the approved sample piece. 

Each kind of accessory will be controlled, counted and prepared according to the production sheet.

After Production in the small factories, the bags will turn back, be controlled, packed and prepared for delivery.

Specialized small factories will sew the bags according to the approved sample piece, under our staff control.

There are two steps of control: A first one during the production

and a second one before shipment.

External studios realize the customer’s logo (printing, embroidery or application) according to our requirements. We control each piece before passing it to the production.

Development of the first prototype and once defined dimension, shape, material and logo we can realize the final sample piece.

& Delivery
Sample piece
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